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VisionCB-STD Power Supply

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VisionCB-STD Power Supply

There are two ways to provide power supply to VisionCB-STD:

  • through 9-12VDC connector (2.1x5.5 Barrel Jack, Center-Positive). We recommend to use 12V/2A power supplies.
  • through micro-USB connector (PWR-C). Standard PC USB port provides 5V/500mA, it will be enough to supply basic configuration (VisionSOM-6ULL + VisionCB-STD). If you want to connect additional equipment (USB Hard Drives, Display etc.) you may need to either connect additional power supply through 9-12VDC or connect PWR-C to power supply with micro-USB plug (in this case you will not be able to access VisionCB-STD USB-UART converter).
VisionCB-STD power supply options
NXP Partner ST Partner Renesas Partner