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Installing STM32CubeProgrammer on Ubuntu 18.04

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Installing STM32CubeProgrammer on Ubuntu 18.04

Download the STM32CubeProgrammer (at the time of writing this text, version 2.6.0 was the latest):

Uncompress the archive file:

cd ~/Downloads

STM32CubeProgrammer 01.png

Create a destination directory for STM32CubeProgrammer on your computer:

mkdir ~/STM32MPU
mkdir ~/STM32MPU/STM32CubeProgrammer

Execute the installer SetupSTM32CubeProgrammer-2.6.0.linux.


Select ~/STM32MPU/STM32CubeProgrammer as the destination directory:

STM32CubeProgrammer 02.png

After the installation is finished add the STM32CubeProgrammer binary directory to your PATH environment variable:

export PATH=~/STM32MPU/STM32CubeProgrammer/bin:$PATH
source ~/.bashrc

To check if the software is working, type:

STM32_Programmer_CLI -l usb

STM32CubeProgrammer 03.png

Although the STM32CubeProgrammer is installed, to activate the access to the USB port, you need to proceed the following commands:

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0
cd ~/STM32MPU/STM32CubeProgrammer/Drivers/rules
sudo cp *.* /etc/udev/rules.d/

STM32CubeProgrammer 04.png

How to flash the eMMC memory in the VisionSOM-MP1 module is described here:

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