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|diag=7 inch
|size=800x480 pixels
|dispdim=154.99 x 85.92 mm
|interface= 24-bit RGB parallel
|tpctrl=FT5426 (I2C)
|temp=-20 to +70°C
|mechdim=192.96 x 110.76 x 10.8 mm
|bckl=built-in LED
|dispmod=Powertip PH800480T013-IBC06
|pwrsup=single +5V (max. 400mA)
|description=SL-TFT7-TP-800-480 is complete display TFT-LCD (800x480 px) module integrated with capactive touch-panel. Module is powered from +5V @400mA, data interface is 24 b parallel RGB + I2C (touch-panel controller). <br>SL-TFT7-TP-800-480 module is equipped with FPC50 connector, 1:1 compatible with SoMLabs carrier, eval and base boards (with recommended FPC50 A-A cable).<br>
*[[SL-TFT7-TP-800-480 Datasheet and Pinout|Datasheet and Pinout]]

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