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Installing apk files on VisionSOM-8MM Android

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Installing apk files on VisionSOM-8MM Android

In this text we describe how to install the apk files on the VisionSOM-8MM Android system. As there is no application store available by default the application may be installed directly from prepared apk installers. In this example we will use the the CAD Assistant application downloaded from this link:

Copying the apk to the target system

The apk application needs to be copied to the device file system. We can use the USB file sharing, USB drive or SDcard.

Install apk 1.png

Install apk 2.png

Installing the apk

After clicking the apk file on the device the system asks for permission to install it. After confirmation the application is installed in the target file system and the icon is added to the desktop.

Install apk 3.png

Install apk 4.png
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