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Programming eFUSE bits on VisionSOM-RT

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Programming eFUSE bits on VisionSOM-RT

This article describes the programming eFUSE on VisionSOM-RT with VisionCB-RT-STD.

NOTE! The described operation may be performed only once and cannot be reversed!
  1. Download flashloader package from NXP website:
  2. Unpack downloaded package
  3. Configure SOM boot mode to [USB/serial download mode] and connect via micro USB connector
  4. Start command line and go to Flashloader_RT1064_1.0_GA or Flashloader_i.MXRT1050_GA\Flashloader_RT1050_1.1 directory
  5. Boot porcessor with flashloader
    Tools\sdphost\win\sdphost.exe -u 0x1fc9,0x0135 -- write-file 0x20000000 "Tools\mfgtools-rel\Profiles\MXRT106X\OS Firmware\ivt_flashloader.bin"
    Tools\sdphost\win\sdphost.exe -u 0x1fc9,0x0135 -- write-file 0x20000000 Tools\mfgtools-rel\Profiles\MXRT105X\OS Firmware\ivt_flashloader.bin
    and then:
    Tools\sdphost\win\sdphost.exe -u 0x1fc9,0x0135 -- jump-address 0x20000400
    [0x1fc9,0x0135] - is VID,PID of iMXRT1064 processor in USB download mode
    PID will be different for different processor - please check in device manager for correct PID
  6. Write value 0x10 to fuse 6 [BOOTCFG1- boot from internal QSPI flash of iMXRT1064]
    Tools\blhost\win\blhost.exe -u -- efuse-program-once 0x06 00000010

More information about fuses can be found in processor refernce manual or NXP community website.

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