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VisionSOM-RT HMI demo

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VisionSOM-RT HMI demo

The purpose of this demo is to show the capabilities of the VisionSOM-RT module used as a HMI panel with graphical user interface. The application contains only the user interface that has no impact on the microcontroller communication interfaces.

The demo application consists of three screens that may be switched using the animated carousel. The first screen implements a slideshow that is able to switch images using a slider component. The remaining two screens present the possibility of controlling the external devices using sliders and check buttons. The ready-to-flash compressed binary file with the demo application can be downloaded here: The iMXRT1052 device programming instruction is described in the article Programming i.MX RT using ZL33PRG.

VisionSOM-RT demo 1.png

Hardware components

Software components

  • FreeRTOS V10.0.1 operating system
  • emWin V5.48 graphical library
  • SDK_2.5.0 for MIMXRT1052xxxxB
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