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SL-ADP-PCIe-M2 SL-ADP-PCIe-M2 is adapter dedicated to using M.2 mass storage (SSD) in embedded systems based on i.MX8Mmini MPU. The SL-ADP-PCIe-M2 module is equipped with M.2 key M connector and is compatible with 2242, 2260 or 2280 modules.
The SL-ADP-PCIe-M2 module is equipped with FPC16 connector - the same like in SoMLabs carrier board VisionCB-8M-STD.

Input PortPCIe
Output PortPCIe
Input ConnectorM.2 key M (2242/2260/2280)
Output ConnectorFPC16 (SoMLabs standard)
Output Lane2
Temperature Range-30 to +85°C
Dimensions35x50x15 mm
Power Supply3.3V
NXP Partner ST Partner