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SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 is the 5 Mpx color camera module. Is equipped with MIPI-CSI interface and FPC30 connector therefore SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 module is matched to the SoMLabs carrier boards.
The SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 is equipped with OV5640 hi-res HD 5 Mpx CMOS video sensor. Video interface is dual lane MIPI-CSI interface and module supports electronic shutter mode: rolling shutter/frame exposure. As a result of using advanced PMIC – SL1 – developed by SoMLabs, the SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 module is powered from single +3.3V line available in FPC connector.
The SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 is fully compatible with SoMLabs carrier boards equipped with MIPI-CSI connectors.
By default SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 module is equipped with fish-eye (120º) lens.
The SL-MIPI-CSI-OV5640 module is equipped with FPC30 connector - the same like in SoMLabs carrier boards dedicated to MPUs with MIPI-CSI.

Output PortMIPI-CSI
Resolution2592 x 1944 px
Input ConnectorFPC30 (SoMLabs standard)
Output Lane4
Temperature Range-30 to +70°C
Dimensions35x50x15 mm
Power Supply3.3V
NXP Partner ST Partner Renesas Partner