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SL-MIPI-LVDS-HDMI-CNV SL-MIPI-HDMI-LVDS-CNV module is hardware MIPI-DSI to LVDS and/or HDMI display converter. Module integrates D-PHY1.1 (DSI1.02) with 1 up to 4 MIPI input data lanes, and is fully compatible with MIPI-DSI data packets: 18bpp, RGB666 and 24bpp RGB888.
Maximum input bandwidth up tp 6Gb/s (4 lanes), LVDS output clocking up to 154 MHz.

SL-MIPI-LVDS-HDMI-CNV module is fully compatible with SoMLabs carrier board:
VisionCB-8M-STD (dedicated to i.MX8M mini multicore MPU) and VisionCB-STM32MP1-STD (dedicated to STM32MP1 multicore MPU).
Plug & Play solution for SoMLabs customers - SL-MIPI-HDMI-LVDS-CNV module is equipped with FPC30 connector - the same like in SoMLabs carrier boards dedicated to MPUs with MIPI-DSI.

Input PortMIPI-DSI
Output PortLVDS and HDMI
Resolutionup to 1080p @60Hz
Input ConnectorFPC30 (SoMLabs standard)
Input Lane1...4
Output LaneLVDS/HDMI: 4
Input Bandwidthmax. 6Gb/s
Temperature Range-40 to +85°C
Dimensions40x50 mm
Power Supply3.3V and 5.0V
NXP Partner ST Partner