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VisionSOM-8Mmini VisionSOM-8Mmini is comprised of a small processor module with CPU bus accessibility and standard I/O functionality and is an ideal solution for embedded projects.
VisionSOM-8Mmini can often trim 8-12 months from design cycle and can be easy adapted to existing projects or can be used together with a dedicated carrier board. Customers who are looking for a complete solution can use a set comprised of System on Module (SoM) and Carrier Board (CB).
VisionSOM-8Mmini requires a matching customer’s board or a carrier board to establish a complete system. Carrier Board together with VisionSOM-8Mmini is a ready to use computer on board and is giving enormous flexibility in building projects.
CPUi.MX8M Mini Quad - Quad ARM Cortex-A53 cores (at speed up to 1.8GHz) and ARM Cortex-M4F core (at speed up to 400MHz)
Memoryup to 4GB LPDDR4
GPU3D Vivante GC NanoUltra/2D Vivante GC320
DisplayMIPI-DSI – 4 lane interface
CameraMIPI-CSI – 4 lane interface
Storageup to 32GB eMMC
NetworkWi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth BLE
Ethernet 10/100/1000 (MAC only)
PCIExpress 2.0
I2Cup to 4 channels
SPIup to 3 channels
UARTup to 4 channels
USB2 x USB-OTG 2.0
Audioup to 5xSAI (I2S, AC97, TDM, codec/DSP and DSD)
ARM Trust Zone
Elliptic Curve Crypto
Temperature Range0 to 70°C,
-25 to +70°C (with WiFi/BLE module),
-40 to +85°C
Dimensions67mm x 32mm x 4mm
SODIMM200 module
NXP Partner ST Partner Renesas Partner